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communication-definition scope

Communication-Definition scope


 Communication is a system which brings people closer. Communication is as imp as our basic needs like eat, sleep, cloth etc.If one society exists that does means that along with that communication also exists. Through communication we can share our feelings, expressions, thoughts. While communicating the receiver &sender should clearly should understand each other’s language. Communication always expects response to the messages being transmitted by the sender.






The ideal definition of communication is two way interactions between two parties to transmit .information and mutual understanding between themselves.(communication theory. Org.)

Herald D Lass well “A convenient way to describe an act of communication is to answer the questions who say what in which channel to whom with what effect?”(Kumar. Keval, Mass communication in India, p.g 17)

      This definition says that communication include source “who” is a sender. Says what: matter containing, messages being transferred. In which channel “the media used in communication, to whom: person who receives the messages from sender. With what effect: how effective the messages which is sent.


Dennis Mcquail “Human communication in linear terms as the sending of meaningful messages from one person to another” (Kumar. Keval Mass Communication in India, p.g. 7)

  It is a transfer of messages which is meaningful one from a person who is sender to the person who is a receiver. The messages transferred should be meaningful one so that receiver can understand. If the messages transferred is not meaningful &receiver fails to understand there will not be further communication.

Berlo “Communication as process & the event & relationships of this process is dynamic, ongoing ever-changing, continuous” (Kumar. Keval. Mass Communication in India p.g. 19)

    Communication in this is never ending concept, it is a process whereby it will goes on continuing it will not stop. It will not change at any stage of its method.



Wilbur schramm defined communication as “the sharing of information ideas or attitudes” (Kumar. Keval. Mass communication in India, p.g 18)

It says communication as exchanging of information, each others ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressions etc.Each one share their expressions attitudes after that communication will go on.


Charles Osgood, Schramm suggested that communication “was circular in nature, where both the sender & the receiver where involved in encoding &decoding were equal partners in the exchange”.

In business 2 partners get equal share in their business like that in process of communication also receiver &sender receives the equal part in communication. Here encoding (put in codes) is sent by the sender for which decoding (reply) is given by the receiver. Without encoding &decoding communication will not continue.


According to Rogers &shoemaker communication “is the process by which messages are transferred from a source to the receiver” (seema Hassan Introduction to mass communication)

By this definition communication is a sending messages from sender to the receiver this is a continuous process. The sender should know the background of the receiver .Without knowing receiver sender will not send messages, if he sends also communication will stop there itself. Messages are sent from the sender who is the source in the communication. Communication will start from there itself.

G.G. Brown “Communication is transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence. But the information transferred must be understandable by the receiver”

It say s that the communication made by sender is effective or it will bring some changes in receiver or not but it should be understood by the receiver .Receiver should understand the messages sent by the sender.

Fred .g. Mayer “Communication is the intercourse by words, letters, or messages(Kumar keval. :mass communication in India).

It is the exchange of ideas, thoughts through letters, or using messages or in other methods like using specific words.







Communication scope is much vast. We cannot limit the scope of communication. Because communication is a continuous process.   Sender should understand the scope, it is essential for him. And the recipient should also understand purpose behind this. If both were unable to understand the purpose the communication will not be effective. It is responsibility of the sender make receiver to understand the purpose behind the scope. Receiver should also take responsibility of understanding because sender used to take some effort while sending the messages. There for effort is required from both the sides.

Mass communication is area of study, it is known by various names like communication studies, communication science, communication arts, media studies, speech communication, media ecology, or mass communication at various parts of the world including India. These studies include process of communication. These are taking contexts from newspaper, journals, magazines, television or even from radio broadcasting face to face conversation. Mass communication as a discipline explains us that how people will take the information from media, in the sense how they will accept. And how they will view for the political, social, cultural &economic situation in their context.


 Mass communication is recognized as backbone of our society like agriculture is recognized as backbone Indian society. Modern society is mainly based on communication. It is not possible to build modern society without active involvement by the people. In these days number of private &government institutions offering mass communication courses to make the modern society highly communicative one. Courses offered are journalism, radio and advertising. Because of globalization, technology developed in the mean time communication also got more &more importance.

Any specification of the scope of communication should appear as near to the start of the communication as possible. This whole point will make the reader to understand whether it is relevant to them or to say enabling the reader what is important for him.

Most of the technical communications are not aimed at some particular people; it will aim at group of people or to the people who are using particular products. Sometimes it may also target the general public at that point the communicator should clearly   target his audience.(communication theory . org.).

There may be 4000 newspaper in 100 languages registered in India the scope for employment will also exist more .the opportunities in journalism have multiplied in these days because of growth in new areas it is because of internet like niche publications & web writing. Niche publication is publications made for special purpose, for helping particular industries for example: hotels, textiles, travel &tourism .these publications may not have circulation to the mass but highly profitable. To work in this one must know the journalist skills; industrial knowledge etc.MBA s will get employment in business publications. While computer expertise get job in information technology magazines.  The aim behind this is to develop specialization. In the future journalist with specialized skill may be in more demand than others.

Web editing is another new origin area because of internet .many newspapers & magazines in these days have web editions, it requires many skilled people to operate in sites. Web newspapers also started, but it requires journalists those who have the knowledge of web sites & how they can make it attractive. This has created great opportunity. It involves graphics, content creation etc. earlier the news collected by the journalists will be printed in next morning but today due to technology news is printed when it fresh.

Many years back there was boom in television channels which demanded more& more opportunities for journalists. Te print journalists also moved tow3ards television. Salaries also increased. Today there is some type of shake out in television due to this opportunities have decreased, this is because of increase in news channels& also increase in supply. News papers & magazines go on employing journalists due to more circulation& less profit the opportunities also decreased. This may be because of economic slowdown, once economy picks up opportunities may rise. (Dr. S.N. Dixit, introduction to journalism&mass media173 175)

Diversification in mass communication increasing opportunities &advancement in this sector is also increasing. Those who are creative, dynamic has good ideas, thoughts, observation skills, by using this area can explore such things here. Computers brought especially internet brought many changes & challenges, which attracted many people from the traditional media.

Many of the opportunities are available in mass communication like radio, television companies, advertising agencies, government organizations etc. the remuneration varies from one area of mass communication to another. But in every area remuneration is dependent on the size of organization. it is mostly dependent on the level of responsibility& experience of the people.(study places. Com)

Communication provides well paying jobs in ad agencies, print media, (news paper , magazines, journals, broadcasting media,visual media(television)etc.

Sometimes audience find difficult to identify purpose within the communication.



               In conclusion we can say that in today’s world communication plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Without communication society will not exists. Now a day the scope of communication widened because of development of technology.  Sometimes audience find difficult to identify purpose within the communication. it is because of complexity in the process of communication. It is the responsibility of sender and receiver understand the motive behind the communication.